Farmington HS Fishing Team

Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Is the team or sport governed by the MN State High School League?
    1. No, the team/sport is recognized by Farmington High School (and many other high schools in MN) but it is not governed or regulated by Farmington High School or MSHSL.
  2. If the MSHSL doesn’t govern the sport then who sets the rules and organizes events and competitions?
    1. There are 3 associations that organize tournaments/events

MN Jr. BASS Nation:  Farmington competes in the South East division

Student Angler Tournament Trail (S.A.T.T.): There are 4 open tournaments throughout the summer and there are many HS teams from all over MN competing in these tournaments

The Bass Federation/Student Angler Federation: There are several open tournaments each summer and teams from all over the state compete

  1. What’s the cost to register and are there any other fees/expenses to consider?
    1. Registration fees and a breakdown of how the fees are utilized are located here on the fishing team’s website.
    2. There’s an additional $25 per angler fee for each S.A.T.T. tournament.
    3. Any incidental travel costs are also the responsibility of each angler
  2. How do I determine or select the tournaments/events to compete in?
    1. It is up to the angler team and boat captain to determine which events they choose to enter and compete in.
    2. We suggest that you focus on the MN Jr. BASS Nation tournaments to start with and then if your schedule and calendar allow then consider the S.A.T.T. tournaments and finally the Bass Federation/Student Angler Federation events.
  3. How do I sign up for the tournaments/events?
    1. For Jr. BASS Nation tournament the coaches from the SE Metro decide the schedule. Tournament sign-up is on the Jr. BASS Nation website beginning 4/15. After an angler pays the club dues for the year – they will link to the official team roster via Sports Engine. Most other high school and travel sports use it, so hopefully there is some existing familiarity with the site. For S.A.T.T. and Bass Federation tournaments each team is responsible for registering on their own.  These registrations are online and fill up quickly so mark your calendars for the registration dates for the tournaments you are looking to attend.
  4. Are the teams required to fish a minimum amount of tournaments?
    1. We highly suggest fishing as many of the MN Jr. BASS Nation South East division tournaments as possible. All other tournaments/events are optional.  It should be noted that each association has qualification requirements for state and national fishing tournaments.  Therefore if you want to advance to those events you’ll need to qualify accordingly.
  5. What kind of time commitment can I expect for my student?
    1. The team generally meets in person (as possible) 2 or 3 times before the school year is out. There are also several volunteer opportunities that we ask team member participation from.  Lastly, tournaments are generally held on Fridays starting at 7AM and last until early afternoon.
  6. What ages are eligible to participate?
    1. Students that have just completed grades 5 through 12.
  7. What if my child is home schooled?
    1. To be an eligible team member one must live in or attend school district 192.
  8. How are teams formed?
    1. Teams are comprised of 2 anglers and a boat captain. Students are able choose their angling partners. If a student doesn’t have a partner the team will work to pair up other available anglers.
  9. How do teams find a boat captain?
    1. Boat captains are volunteers which are typically parents, family members or friends of one of the anglers. Boat captains need access to a fishing boat which meets the association’s parameters, has proof of the required insurance and must agree to the rules of each tournament/event.  (link to boat captain requirements)
    2. The team has limited access to additional boat captains so if you are unable to find a boat captain on your own please let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you with a volunteer boat captain.
    3. If you know someone that may want to volunteer to be a boat captain please have them contact us! This is a fun experience for the anglers and boat captains alike and we need more volunteers!
  10. What equipment/gear does each angler need?
    1. Each angler is responsible for bringing their own fishing pole, lures, hooks, plastic baits, fishing pliers etc. Live bait is not allowed in any of the events/tournaments.
    2. Each angler should dress for the weather and bring appropriate accessories for the day. (rain gear, warm/cold weather layers, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, etc.)
  11. Can a high school angler letter in this activity?
    1. Yes! Students are awarded points for participation in volunteer activities, attending team meetings and competing in events.  A full list of the requirements are detailed on main web page at
  12. What about graduated seniors?
    1. Graduates are eligible to fish, however are not eligible to qualify for Bass Nation Tournament of Champions (season ending tournament). Instead, graduates can qualify for the Adult Bass Nation TOC to be held later in the year. The reason for this is because in MN we fish ahead one season. The southern schools are qualifying teams while our lakes are covered in ice, and we do not have enough time to run our events before the National Championship. Our qualified anglers will be competing to attend Nationals the following year. Graduates are not eligible as they will be one year removed from HS. Graduates are eligible to fish in SATT and/or TBF State Championships, however are not eligible to advance to Nationals.
  13. What if my student’s partner is a graduated senior?
    1. It is recommended the team bring a guest for one of the events. The “boat” can qualify for state and the non-graduate can fish with anyone they have fished at least one tournament with during the season. If there is not an eligible partner, the team will be skipped in the final standings. The club may be able to place you with a guest if you need.
  14. What are the High School Fishing World Finals?
    1. Ask us about this amazing event! Being held this year June 30 – July 3, on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC. This event is open to all High School nationwide – no qualification necessary.